So I'm trudging through the last couple of hours before departing to Grand Cayman. OK, well, the flight isn't technically until tomorrow morning, but still...after the whistle blows here at work (so to speak) we're out like the gout.

There are items that need to be taken care of, of course. First off we have to make a journey to Benson this evening. We're dropping Gwen off with my parents, and putting her to bed. Hopefully that goes smoothly. After that, we're driving back. The flight leaves tomorrow morning at 6:30 (UGH), so I don't expect an overwhelming amount of sleep tonight. Still, all should be well. Yeah, we may be tired, but it will be well worth it.

I think (hope) that we'll have wireless intarwebbs down in G.C. If so, I'll try my darndest to get some pics up, as well as some words of wisdom about the trip.


Flogging Molly

Ryan and I went and saw Flogging Molly last night, and it was uber-rad. We had a fantastic time. Let's recap.

I was skippin' school to go to the show, but this is a band that I really wanted to see live, and it was totally worth it. Ryan showed up at my house around 6:30, and we drank some beer and chatted while Gwennerpants showed off for Unky Ryan. It was adorable.

We left, and took the way-too-long drive to the middle of nowhere that is Myth. We drove through the parking lot to see if there might be one secret spot hiding somewhere. There wasn't, but the line going into the club was huge -- that was odd, since doors had opened like an hour before that.

We had to park in the Kohl's parking lot next door, of course, because there's never ever enough parking near a venue, no matter how far out in the middle of freaking nowhere it is. Then we had to sit in the blistering cold for a while while the line crept slowly toward the show. Thankfully it was cool enough in the club that I was comfortable wearing my coat for the whole show. The idiots that were standing in line wearing T-shirts are probably now suffering frostbite or something.

We saw one of the opening bands, the Aggrolites. Ryan gave 'em a 6 out of 10, and I agree with that statement. They were a kind of reggae / ska type band (no horns, thankfully) that kind of sounded like Smashmouth. It was meh.

Flogging Molly took the stage and rocked, even though they played a lot of their tunes at accidentally faster tempos. (That happens with live music, I forgive 'em). I was happy to see that they didn't just play stuff off of the new album, but threw in a bunch of oldies-but-goodies. I don't have a setlist or anything, but let's see how many songs I can remember. These are in no order:

Salty Dog
The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)
Selfish Man
Drunken Lullabies
What's Left Of The Flag
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Kilburn High Road
Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Requiem for a Dying Song
You Won't Make A Fool Out Of Me
Us Of Lesser Gods
The Story So Far
The Worst Day Since Yesterday
The Likes Of You Again
Grace Of God Go I
Devil's Dance Floor
Seven Deadly Sins
Tobacco Island

Like I said, that's not the order they played 'em, but that's pretty much everything. It was a freakin' good time.

Sweet Anticipation

The countdown has begun. Not the countdown to the end of class (9 weeks, 1 day). The countdown to Spring Break. Oh yes. I can taste the salt-sea air. I'm about to hyperventilate.

As I've mentioned before, Kerry and I are going to Grand Cayman for a week. This vacation will commence in one week and two days. There will be sand. There will be surf. There will be freaking pirate ships. It doesn't get better that that. Woot.

So, in sweet anticipation of the forthcoming event, I've been doing all sorts of things like looking at pictures, things to do, etc. Kerry's been doing things like taking me to target for last minute items like sunscreen and insulated mugs (more on that later). We're going with two friends, Megan and Kristian. I know that Megan thinks very much like me in terms of vacationing (and she's probably looking at pictures and thinking of fun things to do). Kristian, however, is likely still fretting about the hotel, trying to scheme ways to ship himself a 24 pack of coke or booze or something, and generally getting neurotic. Oh well.

Let's talk about Grand Cayman a bit. Shizzle is expensive. Therefore, there are some money-saving ideas that we are incorporating, based on the advice of the world wide web. One of these, of couse, is to buy booze and use insulated mugs to drink said booze. For this feat, Kerry and I purchased a couple of monuments to the gluttanous american way: The Bubba Keg. We each got a 32 oz mug with a freakin' bottle opener in the handle. It makes me giddy.

The downside to this trip is that both Kerry and I will be away from our daughter for an entire week. This is really a long time -- the longest either of us has been away from the lil' tyke. It's interesting, because although I've been gone almost nightly ever since she was born, I've still never been away from her longer than overnight. Kerry's got that record beat, but only by a day or two. It's going to be tough, but a) we need the vacation, b) she'll be in very good hands with my 'rents, and having a blast, and c) who am I kidding, we'll talk to her over skype every day.

Nervous? Yes I am. Excited? Oh hellz yeah.


It's monday.  That's about the best way to describe it.  There's a serious feeling of lack-of-motivation going around.  That said, I had about the most productive monday that I could imagine.

It started off with not going to work.  That always makes for a fantastic day.  Unless, of course, you have a midterm to do.  That was my case today, of course.

I have this ridiculous Land Use class, you see, and rather than one final, this dude has two midterms and just has a paper due at the end.  This may sound like a nice way to go about things, but it has the potential of being 30 pages of writing in 10-point font, and there's just no way that that's cool.

In addition to that, the guy is just a horrible teacher.  Nearly every sentence of my notes ends in a question mark.  That doesn't make for a lot of useful material.

So, I downloaded the test last night at about 5:00 pm, and had 24 hours to complete it.  I worked on it until 10:30 last night, and when I woke up this morning and started work on it again at 8:00, I uttered an expletive and deleted everything I'd written.  See, I figured it was all wrong, based on reading it.

Later in the day, I decided that some of it was right.  I managed to throw together what I figure is a fairly decent midterm, and thankfully I was done with it by about 1:30 in the afternoon.  This is nowhere near the end of my productivity.

See, there was other homework that I had to do for tonight, and I totally got done with all of it.  So that's pretty darn rad.  I've also begun an outline for a paper that's due sometime in April.  The outline isn't due until a week from today.  Normally, I would start something like this the night before it's due, but I'm sitting here at school with absolutely nothing to do.  It's been a series of extremely slow days on the jabberboard, and nobody is doing anything interesting on facebook either.  Therefore, I've been super productive because of the specter of absolute boredom.

After doing the homework this afternoon, I actually completely most of my Bar Application.  That's a big weight off of my shoulders, although the most difficult-to-attain bits of it are still not done.

So here I am.  The problem is that I'm surrounded by first-year law students.  Most of them have left, which is like blessed relief.  There are incredibly and undeniably annoying.  I pray that I was never such a dumbass as all of the people that were at tables all around me.

Seriously.  It takes a lot to annoy me.  I have a toddler.  In fact, today there were two toddlers at my house, because Gwen's cousin was over, being babysat  by Kerry.  They were not quiet, by any means.  Yet with all of their toddlerism, they did not even begin to approach the level of annoying that was achieved by a 1L study group.

Well, that's that.  Now I've written a blog, too.  I seriously can't think of a single other thing to do.  Until tonight.  Then it's time for a beer.  Maybe a beer and some WoW.

--BW Out.

A random assortment of thought, focused strangely on television

So today, Kerry and I are heading over to Electric Dragonland for a tattoo consult. Woohoo for getting some new ink done. The subject of my masterpiece will, as of yet, remain secret. I suppose that out of respect for my wifey I'll keep hers a secret as well. I will tell you, though, that it will not be a severed head coming out of a butt crack, in either case. (But how cool would that be? OK gentle readers, one of you has to go and get that done.) In preparation for this wonderful event, Kerry and I have been watching Miami Ink, which is a show that is full of awesome. (even if it's not really "reality", per se -- the people that get tattooed have all been preselected and whatnot, but it's still cool to watch).

Tonight's the last night of week four of my last semester. That means that there are 11 weeks left of school, ever. But really, who's counting, right? As per the previous post, there's a lot of crap that I have to do yet, but it's all coming together.

So yesterday I made the mistake of following a link to the Dr. Who page of wikipedia. I've seen a decent amount of old Dr. Who stuff, as well as a couple of episodes of the '05 season, but reading that made me really want to watch some more Dr. Who. So I am. Well, I watched the first episode of the 2005 season, thanks to my friend Brian who has provided me with lots of Dr. Who. I now have an awful lot of TV to watch. Oh well, that's been my predicament for quite a while.

Speaking of TV, people are apparently still watching Lost. I have yet to see beyond the first episode of season 3, and honestly don't even know what season they're on now. I have a lot of catching up to do there. I think that when I'm out of law school and the bar exam is done, I'm going to have to just sit and watch TV for a couple of years.

On to other things. I'm super excited, because my newest muse, A Flock of Kobolds, will be rocking it's first "gig" in the basement of Rygar's place near St. Patty's Day. That's gonna effing rule, provided we can get our shizzle together. Heh.


Arrgh. It's been a week since I've blogged. Actually, it's because I've had little to nothing to talk about. Not much has changed since last Tuesday.

I'm under a bunch of stress lately, but that's nothing new at all. Work sucks, but that's nothing new, either. I just keep my head down and do what I have to do, and the rest will sort itself out in five months or so. :^O

Speaking of five months or so, I've got a bar exam application to fill out, and it's quite daunting. I need to have the names of every employer I've ever had for the last ten years. That doesn't sound like such a long time, but it is. I've had a few. Not nearly as many as some other people I know, but still enough to be an annoyance.

Furthermore, I need to supply a record of every time I've been caught on the wrong side o' the law: Yes folks, this means speeding tickets. The time frame on this one is ever. So yeah, I have speeding tickets out there that I can't even remember getting. I have no idea where to even begin looking for that information, and I'm kind of hoping that it will miraculously fall into my lap in a fate sort of situation.

I'm still (of course) trying to sell my dumb house. (It's not a dumb house in actuality. It's a very nice place, and I've loved it for like 6 years now. Still, I want to move. It's all part of my life plan, you see, which first and foremost involves graduating from law school and NOT working for the place I currently work.) To add insult to injury, there were spray paint marks in the yard of our vacant next door house. The guy that lived there died last year. OK so looking at that link I can see that it was actually the end of 2007. So a little over a year ago. Yeah, well it looks like that house has finally gone through probate and whatnot, been foreclosed upon, and will be going up for sale soon. For sale by some buttwad bank that only wants like three cold chickens and a nickle for it or something. I hate the world right now. I hate the market. Buy my house.

There's weird banging going on at work right now. It sounds almost as if someone is crawling around in the heating ducts. That would be kind of awesome, in a Die Hard way.

I've been watching the X-Files again lately, which rules. However, the only season that I own is season 4. It's very cool, but I now really want to start the entire season from the very beginning and watch it all again. Seriously, I love that show.

My weekend was awesome as well. I played some D&D, went skiing with some friend types, watched the Superbowl with some friend types, ate some cheese balls, drank some beer, drank some mead, drank some fine wine. All in all, it was a good and revitalizing weekend.