The Finished Product

Here's a quick picture of Kerry's new tattoo! It's awesome. The owl is the new one, the tribal design was already there.

Tattoo Madness

Well, after the consults and the waiting, the time has come for Kerry to get her tattoo.  (I still have to wait about 3 weeks for my own.)  She headed to Electric Dragonland this evening for her appointment at 5:30. I just got a text from her, saying that it was 6:00 and she hadn't started yet. Typical. Oh well, she's there and ready to rock.

Rhyno and Meghan are babysitting the Gwennerpants while Kerry gets her new artwork, because I'm stuck here in school. Oh well. I wish I could be hanging out with my wifey and taking some pictures or something, but what can ya do.

Speaking of Rhyno, it turns out that this weekend he ran off and got himself a tattoo as well. I gave him grief about "tattoo sniping", saying that he went in before Kerry and I and now people will think that we're just getting ours after being inspired by him. He countered with the fact that he's had this tattoo idea for 10 years, and that if he didn't go and get it now, people may be inclined to think that we were the ones that inspired him to get it.

Well, when you think about it, he chose now (after the clear and irrefutable inspiration of his peers) to actually get the work done, rather than some other time in the last ten years... Just kiddin' Rygar. There's clear evidence that you've been thinking about this one for a while. ;)

Well, I'm off to another ass-tastic class-tastic night. Until next we meet!

Captain's Log: Supplemental

Here’s a fun moment from my day. I tried to fax one sheet of paper to a fax number. I entered said number onto the keypad, 9-1-800-xxx-xxxx, and hit start. Then I went to lunch.

When I returned from lunch, there was a ream of paper on my desk, and my coworker was laughing at me. It seems that I was on “copy” instead of “fax”, and inadvertently asked the computer to print approximately 918,000,000,000 copies of my one sheet of paper. Thankfully she got to the machine and hit cancel.

Been a while

Wow, It's been quite a while since I've written anything. I have little in the way of excuses for that, other than that I've had a crapload of things going on. Let's see, where to begin.

Work has been busy as all get out. That's a good thing, of course -- busy means that my job is still necessary, and job security is a good thing in today's market. I guess there's not really anything interesting to say about that. Busy is busy, and work is work.

I spent a grueling week after vacation completing my bar exam application. That was a huge chore. I had to track down every little bad thing I've ever done in my life and disclose them. That time that I pushed Jimmy Nelson down after kindergarten? Yep, that's on there. OK no it's not. There's no such thing as Jimmy Nelson. Well, I'm sure there is somewhere, but I don't know him and never pushed him. Whatever.

I had to remember every single place I've been employed in the last 10 years, and account for all periods of unemployment. That was lame, because 10 years stretches back into my college days. I actually called the Morris radio station and Subway and had 'em look up employment dates for me.

I had to get some notarized documents written by people that were willing to actually say that I'm a good guy.

[Wow...I just stood up from my desk and obliterated a box elder bug...they're all over the place. They're currently down one.]

This week I had my "senior summation" at school. I ordered my cap and gown, checked to be sure that I'm ready to graduate, and made sure that all of the loose ends are tied up. It was the first moment that it really started to sink in that I'm really going to graduate. Holy carp. Yes, carp. Bottom feeding fish. Holy carp. That's some craziness right there.

Other than that, life's been really good. Last weekend was the triumphantly awesome debut of A Flock Of Kobolds' Fantastic St. Patty's Day Revue, and I don't have to tell you all how awesome that was -- most likely you were all there, if you're reading this.

Home again, home again

Well, we made it back. The week in Grand Cayman was fantastic, but all good things must end, and therefore the vacation did as well. I've already touched on some highlights, but I'll go through it again, just to be concise. ;^)

We flew out way too early in the morning, but the flight went well and was fairly uneventful. Eventually we reached our destination, the one-runway airport in George Town, Grand Cayman. The process of going through customs was long, because there were three airplaines that had landed in close proximity. Still, the weather was amazing and our tired spirits were high.

After customs, we hopped in a taxi to our hotel. The driving is on the left side of the road, which threw us all for a loop. Guaranteed, if we were to have tried driving, we'd all be dead by now. As it stands, we're all just almost dead, due to automatically looking the wrong direction for oncoming traffic when crossing the street.

Our hotel was awesome. The rooms were beautiful, the service was excellent, and the beach was spectacular. I've been in a lot of very nice hotels in my life, and this ranks right up there. Not the best I've been in, but very very nice. (Lah de dah, right? Don't get me wrong there, this hotel was fantastic).

We spent most of our days at the beach drinking, but there were a couple of days that were too windy for beach-sitting, which made perfect days for exploring George Town and the aforementioned trek down the Mastic Trail.

On day two, we went to a bar down the beach for supper. (There aren't all-inclusive places in G.C., which makes for a lot of expense, but also lets you really get to know the town and check out a bunch of cool and different things). This is the bar mentione a bit ago in my post during the vacation. A funny exchange here involved Kristian, who was fairly soused on Bushmill's.

Kristian: Do you like Irish Whiskey?
Irish Guy: Faugh! No way!
Kristian: What?? Seriously?
Irish Guy: Well, do you like Budweiser?
Irish Guy: There you go. *lifts high his bottle of Budweiser*

We took a cruise on a pirate ship, and it was amazing. I had too much to drink. This is not surprising, since it was open bar all night and georgeous. I channelled my inner pirate, and although it made the morning less than ideal, due to ample amounts of vitamin B-12 I was able to avoid too terrible a hangover.

The sun takes a lot out of you, and we ended up going to bed (falling asleep usually, not passing out) around 10:30 (9:30 Central). Too funny. Of course we'd wake up around 7:00 am every day (6:00 Central) so it all evens out.

The flight back also went smoothly, although we cut it a little close in Atlanta. We made the final boarding call, however. I was a little self-conscious about reading a Forgotten Realms genre novel on the plane, until I noticed that the row ahead of me went, in order, Guy reading a Star Wars book, Girl reading Twilight, Girl reading Fellowship of the Ring. I felt right at home, and hoisted Waterdeep with pride.

So now we're home. We missed our girl, and she missed us. It was super fun to see her squeal with delight when we walked through the door.

Now my agendas (other than school, of course) are a) finding somewhere to buy Caybrew and Tortuga Rum in the U.S., and b) gearing up for the Flock of Kobolds party on Saturday.

Here there be Pyrates

I don't know why my entire post isn't working...grr...sometimes technology really chaps my freaking hide.  Anyway...  There's a post here that's been copied and pasted about a billion times, but blogger can't figure it out.

I'll re-type it later.

Below you can see pictures of our harrowing trek through the Mastic Trail yesterday.

Pirate Cruise time!!!

Here there be Pictures

We're here!

We've just begun our second day in Grand Cayman.  So far our stay has been awesome.  The hotel is beautiful, and the ocean and weather are even more beautiful.

Being away from Gwennerpants has been a struggle.  I've woken up in the middle of the night both nights so far, thinking about my little girl and wondering if she's ok.  We've been able to keep in contact with her thanks to the magic of Skype, though, so that's excellent.

Yesterday we hit it pretty hard, starting with some Belinis (Champagne and Peach Schnapps) and Caybrew (the local lager) on the beach at 11.  (10 am central time...LOL)  We did some tanning and walked down the beach, and went back to Megan and Kristian's room in the afternoon to play some cards and relax.

We walked down the beach during sunset last night, and ate dinner at a little bar right there on Seven Mile Beach.  By that time, Kerry and Kristian were both getting quite surly.  Megan and Kerry went over to talk to a table full of "locals" (one couple was from Austrailia, one from Ireland, one from New Zealand) and Kristian ended up at a completely different table, talking to the owners of the bar and their daughter.  I was alone at my table, so I went and joined Kerry and Megan in whatever mad urge drove them to joining a table of strangers.  We chatted with the people about how annoying Americans are, and pretty much scared the entire table away.

We walked back to our hotel and stopped at the beach bar, where I ordered rum punch for everyone.  Then we watched the beautiful moon as it made a trail of silvery light across the ocean, and hung out by the surf for a while before retiring for the evening.

The ocean here is incredibly calm -- the waves are almost like a lake at some points, and there's a snorkeling area right out from our hotel.  Kerry and I are going to do some snorklin' this afternoon.  Should be fun.