Hey y'all

It's almost summer.

Just typing that makes me laugh, since my last blog was in December. I'm becoming a blogger that only blogs about his own lack of blogging. I had promised myself not to do that, but I fell into the rut. Onward! New things! New blogs! New...news!

So what's new in my life? Well, there are things. Oh yes. I mowed my lawn a couple of days ago. I think I'll mow it again. I played some golf.


That's why I don't blog. I really don't do anything these days. Every once in a while some exciting stuff comes around.

Last week was crazy, and full of massive ups and downs. I'm not going to talk about the downs. You know me, you know them. So let's talk about the ups. Last Wednesday, right smack in the middle of the week, my friend Reuben hosted the 3rd not-so-annual Jabbergathering. We all like to get together about once a year for some good ol' fashioned drinkin'. Well, our schedules have been getting harder and harder to synchronize during summer weekends, so we collectively came up with the absolutely brilliant idea to each take Thursday off of work, and meet at Reub's parents' cabin in the middle of the state.

We did so. It was epic to say the least. There was drinking and carousing, singing and poor attempts at canoeing that resulted in my phone and Corey's phone becoming, shall we say, waterlogged. All in all, it was a fantastic time.

Then we'll fast forward to the weekend -- my parents took my kids Friday night and watched 'em for us until Sunday evening so that Kerry and I could stay in the Minneapolis area with friends of ours. Kerry worked her last weekend ever, and I had sweet sweet Dungeons and Dragons time. There's not too much to tell as far as the D&D goes, but that it was a ton of fun and that we played for 8 hours and only had three encounters. Good times.

Other than that, it's pretty much business as usual around these parts. Hope you're all well.